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The first step to a Six Pack Results is Action

Published on May 27, 2012 by in six pack weekly

Yes, it’s embarrassing, but the photos above show my stomach as of today, May 28, 2012. As you might be able tell, I am not in horrible shape. I have worked out about 3 days per week at the gym for the past 5 years. I eat pretty healthy. At least once a week I burn fat and do sit ups and crunches. Yet I still have this ugly chunk of fat in my belly that just won’t go away. Well, I figured I am ready to try something new and take action.  I had been reading up about a technique called the ‘Six Pack Shortcut’ by Mike Chang, and after watching his presentation video, I was finally ready to take the challenge.  Here’s a few things Mike Chang claims in his video:

- I can get a six pack abs in an easy routing of 30 minutes per day, 4 times per week.

- I don’t have to do the endless running on treadmills and crunches that get no results.

- I don’t have to obsess too much over my diet, and am allowed to eat meals out.

- I will save over $100 per month on grocery shopping (this will not apply for me, as I currently live in Thailand and don’t even do grocery shopping because food is so cheap and easy to eat out here!)

- I can choose to still go to my gym or do the exercises at home.

- And most importantly – I will get an awesome pair of six pack abs that will make me the stud of the town!

It all sounds good so far.  I hope you can join me as I progress.  If you are interested to try this program at the same time as me and take action, then click here to visit six pack shortcuts. Over the next few days I will be telling you more about this program, showing you how it works, and (fingers crossed) hopefully posting some photos of a six pack (my own)!!

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